Client Feedback

“Best class I've attended in 28 years with the company.”

“With Roberta's guidance and support, [our company] has made great strides strategically, organizationally,
professionally, and even personally.”

“I have worked with a lot of coaches, but this is the first time I can honestly say I see a difference in my behavior.
Colleagues are noticing the change as well.”

“I came skeptical, I left impressed.”

“This program will change not only your life, but also the lives of those around you. You will see potential and then you will see the potential actualized.”

“This course has shown me I choose my behavior. I am no longer a victim of my circumstances or workplace.”

“Ms. Colasanti is a wealth of wisdom.”

“Absolutely outstanding!”

“This course exceeded my expectations and my needs.”

“Ms. Colasanti is enthusiastic and captivating.”

“We receive many courses in our company, but Roberta's course is the one you should not miss. Do it for yourself. If you want deep fulfillment her course is the place to be.”

“Roberta's coaching met my needs in more ways than I ever thought possible.”

“This course helps you deal with yourself which results in dealing with others more effectively.”

“This is the best course I have ever taken, including my college courses.”

“My mood has improved overall. I have more energy to devote to my job and to my family.”

“As a result of the tools learned in this class… I no longer have weekly mandatory overtime. I was given a promotion that allows me to fully utilize my skills and expand my training. I feel like I truly made a contribution at the end of each day.”

“Our company is not only more effective due to Roberta's involvement, it is also a more enjoyable and sincere place to work.”

“I can calm myself down for the first time ever.”

“I have learned to examine what my headaches are telling me and how to
address them rather than continuing to pop medication every day.”

“I am able to see a direct link between my mood and my physical health, such that I am able to live more calmly and  peacefully”

“Now my blood pressure is stable and I have a lot less headaches.”

Colasanti & Associates, LLC works within all levels of an organization, including individual coaching and leadership skill
development for key managers and executives, as well as group approaches that include all staffing levels of a company.

Clients consistently report a 98% satisfaction rate in their ability to achieve their intended results from
participation in our group or coaching programs.