Roberta L. Colasanti

Roberta L. Colasanti, LICSW is a psychotherapist who has brought her twenty five years experience as a clinician and researcher to the business community with an innovative approach to change-readiness, productivity and fitness-for-duty issues. She is the CEO and founder of Colasanti & Associates, LLC (C&A), a company with two decades of experience assisting organizations with the performance and well-being of their workforce. Ms. Colasanti completed her post-graduate degree at Boston University School of Social Work's Advanced Standing Program. She completed her clinical internship at The Cambridge Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School. She is a graduate of the three-year intensive Ontological Design Course, The Logonet Foundation, Emeryville, CA, a nationally recognized workplace coaching program. Ms. Colasanti co-founded the Behavioral Medicine Training Department at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care that provided nationwide training on integrative medicine to physicians, nurses, and mental health clinicians. In addition, she served for eight years as the Clinical Director for the Center for Psychology and Social Change, an affiliate of The Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School. In addition to her work within the business community, Ms. Colasanti also maintains a clinical and coaching practice in the Boston area.

As a co-founder and clinical manager of The Behavioral Medicine Department, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Ms. Colasanti helped develop a nationally-

renowned and well-researched behavioral medicine program that demonstrated significant improvement in patient symptoms as well as cost-reduction and savings in medical care expenditures.The cost savings proved to be so significant, Procter & Gamble, Inc., as well as several pharmaceutical companies, requested licensure of the program for nationwide distribution to health care centers and HMOs. At present, the program is being conducted at 25 medical care facilities nationwide.

Through her work at C&A, Ms. Colasanti has adapted her clinical approach to assist companies in offering a variety of programs that result in, as her company's mission statement indicates, "Improved Performance Through Improved Wellbeing." A sample of her client and consultation list can be seen here. Ms. Colasanti has also provided extensive consultation and individual coaching to help physicians, managers, and senior leadership change behaviors that minimize effectiveness with employees and customers or that put their jobs at risk.

Ms. Colasanti's knowledge and expertise on human behavior, relationships and

well-being significantly impacts successful communication even in the most challenging of workplace settings. She has been called upon to assist with several traumatic workplace events including homicide and suicide perpetrated by impaired employees. She has been a keynote speaker at many conferences, fitness-for-duty workshops, and departments within high-risk industries, such as nuclear power plants.

Ms. Colasanti's approach demonstrates how productivity, health, and satisfaction are intimately tied to the quality of the relationships a company fosters. She strongly asserts it is the inability of a company to recognize and to intervene in how individuals relate to one another that causes the greatest waste and loss of productivity in organizations. She therefore implements a proven approach to helping people change habitual behaviors that undermine trust, limit results and contribute to difficulties in the workplace. Her focus is on generating and maintaining intentional relationships based on teaching behaviors that increase trust and effective coordination of action between individuals. Learning how to build and repair trust in all relationships is foundational to the work Ms. Colasanti undertakes with her clients.