Colasanti & Associates, LLC   A Company Profile

C&A offers the following services in our commitment to building intentional relationships focused on producing satisfying & effective results:

Navigating Change From The Inside Out:

A change-readiness group program that teaches about the physiology of change and how to stay focused and productive during times of workplace uncertainty or challenge.

Wellness Works:

An on-site, group program designed to help companies significantly improve the health and performance of their workforce while also reducing health care expenditures. This program can decrease absenteeism and sick-time costs by increasing employee awareness of the relationship between stress and illness.

Weighing In On Your Life:

An employee group program designed to optimize the health, weight and energy required for a satisfying and fulfilling life.

Ontological Coaching (OC):

This remarkably powerful and effective method of coaching fosters self-
awareness as foundational to real and sustainable change. It demonstrates the interrelationship between personal history, mood, language and physiology, engaging participants in standard practices to help them expand on their possibilities for action.  

Colasanti & Associates, LLC has spent 2 decades teaching fluency in the skills that foster effective, satisfying and productive relationships.

We assist companies in recognizing the important connection between effective communication, a productive and satisfying workplace environment, and achieving desired results. Our training programs result in Improved Performance Through Improved Well-Being by increasing an individual's ability to:

  • Manage work-life challenges through increased self-awareness
  • Engage in solution-focused behaviors
  • Resolve complaints & increase workplace satisfaction through active listening and coordination of action skills
  • Build collaboration & trust, even in the most difficult relationships
  • Engage in previously avoided or unaddressed issues which affect outcome
  • Embody service excellence through well-documented performance management tools
  • Recognize & intervene in the intimate relationship between mood & productivity
  • Master direct & honest communication

C&A's unique expertise and experience in health care, behavioral medicine, and business allows us to teach people how to identify and change behaviors and moods that could otherwise risk productivity, the ability to coordinate effectively with others, and ultimately health and well-being. As a result of this teaching, companies and individuals learn to be more successful by building intentional relationships based on mutual concerns, trust, and direct communication.

We strongly assert it is a company’s inability to recognize and to intervene in how individuals relate to one another that causes the greatest waste and loss of productivity in organizations. Therefore, a key focus at C&A is showing how relationships operate out of cultural and historical backgrounds that affect how we interpret, experience and respond to one another. Learning how to effectively coordinate with others, deal with differences, and share a common purpose are all essential elements in building a productive, healthy workforce that is sustainable and ready to effectively deal with change and all of its inherent complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty.